how to deal with shadows in e-mini day trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by enlightedtrader, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. During the last couple of days there have been many shadows in 5-min e-mini candle stick charts (S&P500, Russell 2000, Nasdaq 100). I've found it is very difficulty to day trade with so many shadows since it is easy to be stopped out. Is there a good way to deal with frequent shadows in day trading?

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    Indices are approaching all time highs. When that happens it's hard to know what direction will take, therefore the shadows. Traders are cautious about it. Could go higher or could start falling off . I suggest for you to stay on the sidelines until we have a clear definition.
  3. KS96


    Loose up your stops (and decrease your position size).
  4. all u see is price.....go to bars and get off 5 min .......shadow is term i am not familiar with........wicks? there is no such thing as bar is all price action/money......tq