How to deal with boredom?

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    I' m now a profitable trader, living off trading, which faces serious boredom issues. My kind of trading cannot be automated and is really repetitive, but it must be done, of course...

    I'm the kind of guy who must be intellectually occupied all the time, instead of what I can go quite depressed and weird... I've spent the whole last week worrying about something( girlfriend's health ) that I would never have if I was occupied...

    As bizarre as it sounds, happiness didn't came with profitability in my case, or not in the extent I would have thought... I can recall being really enthusiastic and happy studying the market and not making a penny at the beginning...happiness is in research of happiness for me...

    I'm not making large sums of money, but I'm at an intermediate level where I live well and don't want to work harder, evolve in trading, at least temporarily. I want other things...

    For those who have faced it,how did you deal with that? For the moment, I try to always read something ( forums, novels, mags) in front of the computer but sometimes it doesn't work...What can I do?

  2. Sell a few things on ebay, that should help with daily boredom.
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    Empty success is a red flag for achievement-driven self esteem (trust me on this one).

    Many of the worlds super-achievers admit to personal demons that 'chased' them to glory. A deeply rooted 'fear of failure', is another way to put it.

    I would focus more on lifestyle improvements outside of trading.

    Exercise everyday and push yourself. Gym or sport.

    Eat healthy/organic.

    Take plenty of Krill Oil (fish oil).

    Focus on social relationships - spend more time with family and friends.

    Go out, have a good laugh.

    The cycle of worry or obsession is easily broken through external focus. This is best accomplished through social and physical activity.

    As far as trading. Why not try a faster market or instrument to counter boredom?

    Or devote a larger portion of your day to research?
  4. I guess your girlfriend wont help then???

    :D :D
  5. I know what you mean.

    Lately an online war game that does not take much time has been helpful in passing the time for me.

    Take a look -

    It's free and you can check it once a day or multiple times a day. It's not like a Xbox game or anything - purely web, text based.
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    Thank you all... I will work on this... It's already finished... Psychology is for kids...
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    Watch American Idol reruns:confused:
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    Go long on full margin a basket of BSC, LEH, and MF - you may go broke but I guarantee you won't be bored for long!
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    I am also lets form some kind of a networking club to socialize and do stuff. If you do have a regular job in office people go out every week and they have other office parties. So lets start a traders party. Here are some suggestions:

    1) Play a sport or work out
    2) Watch Prison Break
    3) Watch 24
    4) Have lots of sex with your wife or girl friend :)

    :D :D

    Hope this helps.
  10. Rub one out between signals.
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