How to cut education without libs going bat shit crazy

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  1. Home schooling!

    Pay parents to teach their own kids. Currently there are many many parents that would like to stay home and educate their kids, but when you homeschool your own kids, there is no financial help. You have to buy all your own books and supplies, plus you need 1 parent home full time to teach the child. Currently the government gives an average of $50 per day per student to the schools. The government could lighten its burden by offering parents say $35 per child to stay home and learn, thereby saving the taxpayers $15 per child. Assuming that 10% pull their kids out of school to home school them because of this program, and we are talking billions in savings. Most families have 2 kids which means a parent could stay home and get $70 per day to educate their own children while helping lighten the budget on education. Not alot of money, but if there is another working parent in the house, it works out nicely.
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    Bad idea, kids who are homeschooled often times dont fit in so well with society when they have to leave the nest eventually. I dont know about you, but i sure as hell wouldnt have wanted to be home schooled. Social interaction is just as important as learning academics to a young kid in my opinion.

  3. So you want Goober teaching Goober Jr.

    ...and people wonder why we are falling behind other countries in education and test scores.

  4. Agree.

  5. People wonder why we are falling behind because those kids are in PUBLIC education...not home schooling.

    On average, homeschoolers scored an average of 1.7 points higher on the ACTs (36 is the max. score) than non-homeschoolers.

    On the SAT, out of 1600 points, home schooled students scored an average of 1083, 67 points more than the national average.

    In 1997, 13 year-old Rebecca Sealfon was the first home schooled student to win the National Spelling Bee.

    In 2000, homeschooler George Thampy, 12, beat 2 other homeschooled students to win the National Spelling Bee, 1 week after coming in second place in the National Geographic Bee.
  6. how to cut the enormous defense budget w/o the right wing nuts going even nuttier?
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    Interesting. What is the socioeconomic profile of the "typical" homeschooling family, I wonder.
  8. Just because you are homeschooled doesnt mean you dont join clubs outside of school.

    There also also a ton of problems kids can have in public education....for instance..

    Peer pressure and bullying is a regular affair at public school. Non conformism and innovative thinking is not easily acceptable.
    Kids are so much more likely to use drugs & alcohol because of peer pressure in public schools. Any child that stands out like a nail, gets hit like a hammer for doing so. Think back to when you were in high school. Did the smartest kids that went on in life to be successful have lots of friends growing up? Generally they dont...maybe thats why they are smart...they avoided the social interaction of the kids that would grow up to be idiots.
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    What good is it if you raise a kid who can score a 1600 on the SAT's, with a 150 IQ, if the kid can not function in society? We all have met one of those kids who was a frigging genius in school but a complete social misfit. Odds are pretty bad that someone who completely lacks social skills will be able to make any kind of meaningful life for themselves.

  10. I dont think there is much information out there on that. I would have to logically assume though that because homeschooled kids are a 1 income family, they are probably not higher income than some public schooled parents. But then again, you have to take into account that public schooled kids parents are probably not quite the go-getters that a homeschooled kids parents are as homeschooling takes alot of effort that many people just dont want to deal with. If both parents are go-getters, the one parent that works probably makes better than average income. But of course this is all speculation on my part. I still have to assume that there is little difference incomes between both sides.
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