how to customize time frames on MT

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  1. fm_88


    I learnt how to create M2 (two minute) time frame on MetaTrader. The problem is that it's offline, and when I restart the device it disappears. Also there are often gaps in the chart: after, say, 13:10 bar comes 19:52 bar which is stupid. Is there a way to create the permanent time frames on MT other than the given M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W, and MN?
  2. Nobert


    Is it MT.5 ?
    Then, if so,

    my timezone is almost like yours, probably it's either 21:45 or 22:45, - all is online for me.

    Tried to change timeframes. Then closed. Re-opened and setup remained the same.
    (With a new timeframe)

    AM has good customer support. Might try giving em a call tomorrow.
    (Check if you're properly logged in and it's not a paper acc or smthn, you know, happens)
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