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  1. I'd like to create my own index based on some stocks. I'd like to track it and compare it to the other indexes. I'd like to see the moving averages, MACD, etc.

    I've searched but I haven't found software that will let me do that. does such a thing exist? I thought about creating something myself but before doing so I'd like to make sure such a thing doesn't exist.

    Searching google showed one other person asking but no solutions.
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    Neoticker does it , website is
    I have been able to create many many different custom breadth , tick , and regular indicies to suit my needs ..
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    Investor R/T from is capable of setting up custom instruments as well. This software has run very efficiently for me and I have a couple of custom indexes up and running tick by tick. Watch the online videos for instructions on more complex custom indexes such as advance/decline and TICK indexes.
  4. Every time I get interested in NeoTicker I search the net and find lots of people complaining about it and so I skip it. It is rather expensive. If it's just for the index creation I could use the EOD version. But I'm also looking into Ninjatrader for trading during the day so then I'm not sure how Neo fits in.

    Thanks for the suggestion, wheN I have time I will check out the demo.
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    If you look hard enough you will find people complaining about all software , if you are only looking for eod data for indicies i am sure there are other software companies out there , but for intraday tick by tick construction of custom indicies there is no comparison , instead of reading about complaints try a free demo and see for youself and make your own judgement . By the way I have not come across a software company that offers as good a support service via e-mail or the forumns website for answering questions and help with programming ideas , usually getting a response within a couple of hours , anyway i sound kind of bias but hey it gives me an edge and it works..
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    I've tried Neoticker. If you're using the software for charting it's a good piece of software. However if you plan to do any programming it takes 10x the effort than other softwares. The programming model just sucks
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    block software from worden
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    I doubt you will find a product without a negative review on the internet.
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    You can use C#, or their own script language.

    Unless you have prior exposure to the C language family... learning C# from scratch is not easily accomplished by grown adults.
  10. Does this include ninajtrader? I'm learning ninjatrader so far and even though I'm a software programmer (Java) I feel lost. But they have great support and good videos so I'm making progress.
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