How to create automated trading with GUI based automating ?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by etrades, Sep 6, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    Are there tools that provide the ability to code an extensive automated trading using GUI rather than having to write the code for the automation ?

    Thank you
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    Lol Please define " extensive automated trading" so we have some clue what you want to do. Outrights or spreads? Speed sensitive? Monitor orders or full trading system?
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    Subscribe to Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities and check the software page. NeuroShell is popular, TradeStation, WealthLab, NinjaTrader, etc.

    If you want anything complicated you're going to have to roll your own. But for simple stuff, you'll be fine with any of these.
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    Can NinjaTrader or TS export the signals to Interactive Brokers? If so then how efficient is it regarding technical glitches etc.
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    Ninjatrader will send orders to your broker and have their own brokerage. TS is a broker. Also look at amibroker, multicharts, esignal, cqg, motivewave etc
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  7. Sierra has an automated spreadsheet system. Yes you have to code but they are simple if this and this type rule based system with tons of examples
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    There are two main platforms I would use for automation:
    1) Multicharts with Powerlanguage. This has been one of the better experiences I had when we ran systems for customers many years ago. They connect to Rithmic or Sierra for execution.
    2) TradeStation but together with Inside Edge for order Routing and execution. Peter from Inside Edge delivers top-notch service.

    I have practical experience with the above and we ran many systems over real-time execution.

    Having said that, the ideal way to develop a program is via the API directly.
    If you have a coder for C#, I would use Rithmic and for a FIX API CTS-T4.
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    As @drm7 mentioned, you may automate your trading logic using ADL from Trading Technologies. ADL uses drag and drop tech so you may stitch together chunks of proven code.

    Here's a link to a brief video series that explains how the algo above was built.
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