How to connect my laptop to a monitor?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Nana Trader, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. I have been using two screen always, one from my
    laptop and another from my desktop system.

    I am traveling soon, and intend to connect a monitor
    to my laptop system. Can this be done? If yes, tell me
    how? or i appreiciate if anyone tell me about site that
    has information about it?
  2. Yes.

    Plug the monitor into the appropriate port (outlet) on the back of the laptop. It should be easy to find and match.

    Boot up the computer. To get the image to appear on the monitor, press the "Function" key and "F5" (Fn+F5). Pressing it will toggle between the image appearing on your laptop, on the monitor, and both.

    Good luck.
  3. I just did the process, and monitor showed what were
    showing on my laptop during start up, but when my desk
    top appeared, the monitor screen went blank.

    After i tried control panel, the duel display clone, and
    desktop contents (icons) were showing on both screen,
    but mouse i could not toggle between screens by pressing

    Can you check in details where i went wrong?
  4. Btw do i need dual video card or somthing like that
    in my laptop? Sorry, i am not PC high tech person:(
  5. McCloud


    Nana Trader,

    You won't be able to have dual monitor if your laptop doesn't have a built in video card, I think..
    Some new laptops do have dual monitor capability but the old ones don't.
  6. Loukas


    How can we tell if the laptop has a dual-display capability? Is this a software issue or a hardware issue?

    I have a DELL C600 PIII750 laptop, I can setup a second display but see exactly the same things I see on my laptop display. Would like to divide my desktop in two. Is it possible to add some software to do this? My laptop has the ATI Mobility 128 AGP 2X (DELL) card.



    NanaTrader, try Fn+F8 rather than F5, this is what works on my laptop.
  7. mine's the same way...under win2k i have both displays showing the same thing, no way to change it...

    when i had win ME installed, i could stretch the display across the monitor and the laptop screen to give me a bigger desktop, but under win2k i think you might be stuck with both displays always on showing the same thing...
  8. kernan


    Look at the icon on the Function key - you are looking for one that has a diagram of a laptop and a scren - it is F5 on my machine, but it was F8 on my work laptop. Fn+Fx.

  9. Maybe this will solve the problem?
  10. funky


    this is what i use. no need for the 4mb if you just want to display charts. i can travel just with my 2 laptops and a margi that plugs into a monitor when i need it. that gives me 3 screens and plenty to work with.
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