How to connect a TV to a PC ?

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    I want to run my PC through a 32" TV when it suits, otherwise it will continue to perform through it's twin monitors.

    It appears that someone has already wired the PC to the 32 and I can see the RGB PC on the 32 screen.

    So what do I need to do at the PC end to switch between the monitors and the 32" at will.

    Many thanks
  2. You could simple buy a card that operates through one of your available PCI or other slots to drive the TV with your connector of choice (RCA/DVI etc). I used to have an older one do this long ago with the RCA connectors. Or if your driver already has built in DVI outputs and your TV is DVI, you could attempt to use that, although you'd need some type of software to control it through your computer.

    A few tvs might even have VGA connectors already built in, I have one on a pioneer elite, but never used it.

    They have these at places like CompUsa or Frys.

    I looked back at your post and it appears you already have the capability? So you can drive both TV and two monitors now?
    Simultaneously, or you need to disconnect the two to drive them separately?

    Not sure I fully understand your setup, but if you need some type of switch box, radio shack might have it, or some of the places mentioned above.
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    thanks dt98.

    I want to run the 32TV separately from the monitors and not simultaneously
    but I do not want to switch cables every time (too primitive)

    My question really is "do I have this capacity within XP, or do I need to download a piece of software to perform this task or do I need a box of some description."

    many thanks
  4. What hardware connector is driving the TV? You said you are literally switching, is it DVI? The first question is to look at whether you have sufficient hardware to drive/connect all three simultaneously (in which case software control is possible). If not, you can not do it with software alone, you would need a hardware switch-box or capable card(s). What hardware connector is driving the three items? RCA, DVI, VGA?

    And what are you currently using to drive them? (I.e. what card).
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    this is all about my pay grade and I will need to get my geek involved .. but many thanks for your help