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  1. Nothing is better than Wallstreet.. "What the hell is going on? We're looking at 200,000 shares move pal, I wanna know if we're apart of it. We better be or I'll come down and eat your lunch for you."

    These guys are abrasive telemarketers..

    Big difference..

    Great movie, nonetheless.
  2. Greed. Greed is something wealthy people want the insecure undercapitalized people to feel. To consider that wanting a lot is greedy is in itself an inferior emotion and is the root of all that is bad.

    Love and pride.

    That's all that matters.

    Love your job, love money, love yourself, love your wife, it doesn't matter what you love, love something, love is passion.

    Pride is knowing what you deserve and going out and getting it.
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  4. WTF? who he addressing, memebers of AARP? they are 90 freaking years old... they're 3 weeks overdue for medicare.. what? they gonna set the world on fire NOW all of a sudden?? how silly , movie f#ck that :D :D :D
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    Bud Fox was a telelmarketer for Jackson, Steinham, and Jackson, Steinham was a boler room.

    BTW, I worked in a true boiler room back in the early 90's, two of them actually. First Struart James, and then later Thomas James. I never opened a single account either time, I was the worst broker in the history of Wall Street. BTW, my first day on the job at Stuart James was the day Iraq invaded Kuwait. The brokers were dying after that, they couldn't get anybody to buy anything. I made anywhere from 200 to 300 calls a day and every one of them told me the same fucking thing, "I'm waiting for this Iraq thing to get over with". We said they had Iraqiphobia, a take off from the movie Arachnaphobia.

    Also, every single person we talked to on the phone or otherwise ALL thought that the market would tank when the war started. There was NO exceptions. So I always laugh whenever I hear all these people who say they knew we would quickly defeat Iraq and stocks would skyrocket.
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    Holy shit, I just watched that clip. That is exactly spot on how boiler rooms run. I have been in that exact same meeting a few times.

    That part where he told the guy to think about a career somewhere else? I was told that myself.
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    Once when I googled IBD meetups in San Diego I saw that my ex branch manager is going to those things. I guess that's how he's closing now.
  8. You've been banging your head to too much gay metal bro, Glengarry Glen Ross shits all over Boiler Room.. Watch it, you might learn something... now go set the world on fire sport...
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