How to check if the firm is legit?

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    I'm considering one prop firm in NY and can't find any information about it anywhere other then on their outdated website. I've never been scammed and want to keep it this way.

    The name is RTFM Capital LLC (Real Time Financial Management).

    See their sample report as well (attached)

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I think Shillary Clinton used to trade there
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    Anyone else ever heard of them?
  4. Never heard of but what I would do is ask to show up and see for myself the offices and people trading.
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    I want to do it remote but there are supposedly traders working in-house.
  6. The same questions have been asked many times over the years. Here are some suggestions from previous posts:

    Before choosing any Firm, and putting your own money OR valuable time at risk, be sure to ask for this basic information:
    1. Financial Statements (Don't ever go into business with anyone who won't share their balance sheets with you!).
    2. Clearing Firm affiliations. Be sure that the Trading firm is aligned with solid Clearing Firm(s).
    3. Exchange memberships. Be sure that your chosen Firm is a member of a Stock Exchange and has it's own Broker Dealer.

    This is only common sense, and applies to any business, whether you are trading or not. Know who you are associated with!


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    The address of the firm is the same address for VCM and the old HLV. Probably a group within VCM. Do a search here (and google) to see what VCM is all about.
  8. LOL...

    made money in LU did he... convenient how that stock hasnt existed in how long?

    Seen this report a few years back, the game has changed massively.
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    Wow! Didn't even see that. So he traded LU in Jan 2008?

    Let this tell you about the firm and who they are associated with (VCM).
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    yeah, that would be a very representative report: one lucky trade last year makes the guy a successful trader? what kind of example is it?

    I'm personally only attracted to 98% payout. For a remote trader it's great.

    On the similar note, what do the fees look like on these statement?

    Anyone is actually trading with this firm?
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