How to check a sata controller from floppy disk

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Alinghy, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Alinghy


    Hi All

    I am in some troubbles because I dont know how to check the sata controller of my MSI mainboard model MS - 7345 VER. 1.1 .

    I am not informed if there is available any software utility, especially one running from the floppy disk drive after the Pc boot .

    Will appreciate any possible help to solve this problem

    Best regards

  2. The best I could tell you is to try and reload an operating system to a new HDD and put the SATA controller on the floppy. For example if you try to load a Windows OS hit F6 during install and load the controller driver on the floppy. If the OS reboots and sees the HDD (attached to the SATA controller) then it's working fine.

    With XP 32-bit the drivers will probably be included in the system CD, with XP-64 they will probably need to be loaded via floppy.

    Other than that try to download and run a diagnostic utility from the motherboard manufacturer or from your HDD manufacturer. Example SeaTools from Seagate runs from floppy and will only see your HDD if the SATA controller is working properly (or if your BIOS is in Legacy/IDE mode).