How to calulate RSI in C# ?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Could someone please provide me with the code of calulating RSI(relative strength index) in C#, i'm having difficulties in trying to achieve this;

    The following are the steps to calculate RSI;

    1. Calculate the advances and declines of the closing price (differences between Current day closing price and previous day closing price).

    If Current Day Closing Price is greater than Previous Day Closing Price then
    Advance = Current Day closing price - Previous Day closing price

    If Current Day Closing Price is Less than Previous Day Closing Price then
    Decline = Previous Day closing price - Current Day closing price

    2. Calculate the Average gains and losses (14 periods)

    Average gain = Total Gain for the past 14 days / 14
    Average Loss = Total Loss for the past 14 days / 14

    3. Relative Strength (RS)

    Relative Strength = Average Gain / Average Loss

    4. RSI RSI

    RSI = 100 - (100 / (1 + RS))

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. can't vouch for whether you have the right procedure for advance/declines or RSI bc I don't use those.

    here's the codified version of your procedure as provided in c# however:

    BarList bl = new BarList(BarInterval.Day);
    int lookback = 14;
    decimal sumadvance = 0;
    decimal sumdecline = 0;

    for (int i = bl.NumBars()-1; (bl.NumBars()>=lookback) && (i>bl.NumBars()-1-lookback); i--)

    Bar current = bl.Get(i);
    Bar prevday = bl.Get(i-1);

    if (current.Close < prevday.Close)
    sumdecline += prevday.Close - current.Close;
    else if (current.Close > prevday.Close)
    sumadvance += current.Close - prevday.Close;


    decimal avggain = sumadvance / lookback;
    decimal avgloss = sumdecline / lookback;
    decimal rs = avggain / avgloss;
    decimal rsi = 100- (100/(1+rs));