how to calculate percentage gain?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by laeott, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. laeott


    How do I calculate a percentage gain on a stock? I bought rimm around 80 and now it is 98 in just a few weeks. What percentage increase is that?
  2. You are up 22.5%

    18 divided by 80 :)
  3. bespoke


    You really don't know how to calculate percentage?:confused:
  4. K-Man


    Simple as that :

    profit / starting cap * 100
  5. 0%, in terms of RIMM shares and negative in terms of other, better performing shares.

    In cash terms you really need a handle on the risk free rate and the stock's beta to end up with a meaningful risk adjusted return calc. Then you could annualise it - hmm 360 or 365 days? - up to you. I'd use the natural base for continual compounding if this is for a prospectus.

    Great question for Elite Trader, keep them coming!
  6. How about a 251 day base, since that's the number of trading days in a year, more or less? (365-104 (for weekends) - 10 (for holidays))