How to calculate margin?

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    Hi All

    I am having some trouble working out the IB margin formula which is:

    100% * option market value + (20% * underlying market value - out of the money amount or 10% * strike price, whichever is greater) or $2.50 * multiplier * number of contracts, whichever is greater.

    Now, If I have 1 short Put open position on XYZ which is at a stock price of $80, and my short position has a strike of $70, can someone calculate the margin requirment?

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    Create your trade in TWS spreadsheet, then use the right mouse button to see it's margin.
  3. 1) Take option premium

    2) add 0.20 * (8000 -1000)

    or add 0.10 * 7000

    or add $250

    whichever of the three is greater. In this case, it's option premium + 1400

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    CBOE site has a margin calculator that you may find useful. Fill in your info(prices, strategy, etc) and it will tell you what the requirement is
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    Ok thanks all for your help - I think Mark's post helped me the most.