How to calculate Implied Volatility by hand?

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  1. Hi All,

    I got a dumb question (not exactly a math person). I know I can get the in-the-money call and put implied volatility on the website. My question is how do I calculate it by hand to get the same numbers? Thank you for all your help.

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    use the black scholes model.... that will give you the IV results
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    they have IV calculators on the net its a financial derivative.
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    You can check out this stuff on Implied Volatility.
  5. Thanks Moreagr and gummy.

    Hi Peter,

    I found your site while researching on Bollinger Band... a great great site. Thank you for the spreadsheet!

    Too bad my math brain took the worse turn after high school or college... I plan to reverse the process as my son grows up... hope it's not too late :(

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    At the money, you can approximate it as

    Implied Vol = P / (0.4 F Sqrt(t) )

    where P is price of option, F is forward price (for short dated stuff it's ok to use spot price), t is time to expiry in years.
  7. How far off in percentage is this approximation? Thanks.
    Sorry can you explain exactly what is F?
  8. To solve for price:

  9. For options on futures, F is the current price of the futures contract, is that correct??? Thanks.
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    It's the forward price, which is spot price times (1 + risk free rate). Now, you should remember that this approximation would be a bit off because of discounting and the fact that this is a first order approximation. In general, it' would be off by less then half of BS vol, though, so it's a reasonable way to check.
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