How to buy the bottom

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  3. you just don't get it do you?

    first of all, a bottom isn't going to do you much good unless you believe it is going back up.

    That's why they didn't rebuy Tulip Bulbs in the basement
  4. I'm 100% long, totally fully invested in the stock market, and have been for quite some time. And I see no reason to change. Although getting flat is always just around the corner. Especially at these levels. But given the fundamentals, you can't convince me that now is a bad time to invest in a business.

    Surely, no doubt about it, there will come a time when it is better to just be in cash.

    and maybe never invest in stocks again

    but by then either corn or gold will be moving, maybe crude, or in my case, the US dollar
  5. betting on the usd is a lot more interesting than anything else. Especially if they figure out a way to stabalize it. Then you could raise a family just selling short straddles.

    My kids are already raised

    so all I have to do is short it

    until they come up with some reason why I should stop doing it
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    Only stocks am long is Starbucks, love their product and people are hooked on an overpriced product, and dividend producing stocks, and everything else I am short. No way would I buy stocks as economy stinks and thinking gov't can't agree on length of a toothpick. And I hope it falls off cliff, can't let any President have wild spending.

    But trading the commodities long/short is kicking well.
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    LOL, but true.
    Another reason bottom fishing //top selling,, that only works for liars.:cool:
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    why is that?
  9. Doesn't make an ounce of difference whether you believe somethings going up? Has no bearing on market direction.
  10. well, there's not much satisfaction in being the last one to buy a stock at the lowest price ever printed before it got de listed

    other than bragging rights "I bought the bottom"
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