?How to buy puts on oil futures

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  1. I think oil will head south soon if it breaks a few technical levels and would like to trade on it. Not interested in shorting futures though. Can anyone tell me if puts are available on futures and how I would buy them using IB.

  2. hello ... if you mean Interactive Brokers

    no .. to my knowledge you cannot buy options

    or sell options on "pit traded contracts" with them

    you could consider opening up another acct

    with an FCM or IB of an FCM that lets you do this

    an alternative could be to buy Puts

    on the OIL majors or the ETF's like XLE ?
  3. I'm seriously considering opening aCFDs account to get around hard to borrow rules and have wider choice of markets...if you have IB account and some $$ you can consider having a look at CFDs but if you want to have DA maybe REFCO is the best in breadth of market for commodities.
    This if you want to commit to trade oil and its derivatives.
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    There are no prices on the screen for IPE options on brent crude and gasoil (diesel) as the market is currently used by brokers to cross trades that they have arranged on the phones. IB are in the process of adding IPE options and then you will be able to leave bids and offers. The IPE said a group is looking to become market makers and then there will be a two way market on most strikes. See this thread for further details

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    They are all otc traded - try calling Refco.