How to buy MBS ?

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  1. How can I buy mortgage backed securities such as
    Popular ABS Mortgage Pass-through Trust 2005-A


    GSAA Home Equity Trust 2007-A AF-3 A-3,

    or alternatively,

    a fund that holds AAA or close to AAA sub-prime mortgages securities such as these.

    I cannot find them listed at Interactive Brokers, for example.

  2. You are aware of :

    GSAA Home Equity Trust 2007-2
    Series 2007-2
    Class CUSIP To From
    AF3 3622EUAC0 BBB+ AAA/Watch Neg
    AF4B 3622EUAV8 BBB AAA/Watch Neg
    AF5B 3622EUAW6 BBB- AAA/Watch Neg
    AF6B 3622EUAG1 BBB- AAA/Watch Neg

    Source : "AAA" rating agency S&P:
  3. Good point - I amended my post to say "AAA or close to AAA".

    These particular ones were recommended in a prominent Fixed-Income newsletter.
  4. ETF: MBB
    Closed-Ended Funds: BKT, FMY, BCT, ASP, SLA (more at -> "US Mortgage Funds")
  5. Very very helpful - thanks a lot!

    I think I may like the Helios and PCM funds (subject to evaluation) because their price history best correlates with Markit ABX AAA graph (straight down) shown at

    suggesting that they are holding this type of security.

    I am also interested in emerging market debt and it looks as if this site will help me there too.
  6. For EM debt also check out the Powershares ETF PCY.