how to build their understandable trading system trader

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  1. Peter B

    Peter B

    I believe that we should work on your system! I did this: he took no tracer expert, optimize it, ran a test and picked up the indicators give accurate signals and is ready.
    Many believe that the set of the Expert and count money! - SO DO NOT GET! This is a program that is not objective, to be honest: I have worked without an expert indicator, based on his input, I decide on its own trading system, how the market and increase locally to the maximum and get a great result!
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  3. Start learning english well enough that what you write makes sense. I dont ask for perfect english (I am not perfect either there - and english is not my native language), but what you wrote is gibberish that is not decipherable.

  4. Peter,

    At the outset, and before everything is already at the beginning, would you misconstrue that which is clear by its very being?

    A system given to hyperbole, indicators underneath layers of expertise when an agent is not available. Now, that, is what is possible when trying 100x over the course of optimization durations sans tracer.

    At the end of the day, I ask you, and do you agree? Results come before the maximum of effort!!