How to build an Automated Trading System

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    I have plenty day trading ideas that i would like to automate.

    I am not a programmer, but i have a programmer friend/partner who will help me with his expertise. So i will come up with the plan, and he will create the program (API) to execute the trades.

    So the question is, can you guys help us start up? I know that my trading strategies can be automated, but i dont know how to start off.
    I need guidance regarding which program to use, how to begin, how to link to the trading platform (i believe that for this last part the platform provider might be the best to answer), or any other help you can provide.

    Thanks in advance
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    so basically you have no clue. I'll do it for you for $100k upfront
  3. Why don't you ask your programmer friend?
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    Because he doesnt have any experience with trading platforms, and i would like to at least tell him what to use to begin with. Then, he will figure it out i believe
  5. Download Ninja Trader. It's free for charting and backtesting.
    You don't need a programmer.
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    will i be able to send multiple basket and automated orders with ninja?
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    Check out Its a new grey box software app. It will let you design automated strategies. Very customizable and you dont have to know anything about programming. If you have day trading strategies you want to test out they also have a sim that uses real time mkt data so you can forward test them then flip a switch and go live.
  9. Whenever I read a discretionary guy who says "They have a friend who programs" or "Have a friend works in the industry" with this type of enquiry. It tells me that the dude is a not a profitable trader who's hopes that his problems with trading is a "psychological one" and thinks that un-emotional trading will make him profitable.


    Get a life.
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    Open an account with IB, and automate everything through excel. I've done it that way, at no cost, without being a programmer, but it took me a few years, because I had to teach myself VBA.
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