how to block your IP address ???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by riddler, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. riddler


    guys any way to block my IP address when signing on to a website or at least disguising it?
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  3. Do a Google search on anonymizer

    If you really need to hide your IP then I would urge you to go through 6 or 7 anonymizers.

    or just find an open wireless network.
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    It's unfortunately a lot harder than finding an open wifi spot. Your MAC address is fixed for your network device, most browsers transmits huge amounts of data about you, your system, and operating system. Your best bet is a commercial anonymizer accessed at a public wifi spot using a plug-in wifi card that you can remove.
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    Will the plug in wi fi card be acting as a nic with it's own mac address?
  6. vikana

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    Yes, the WIFI card will have it's own chipset including MAC address.

    Or I should say, that I don't know any devices where that wouldn't be the case.
  7. Do you guys realize that he is probably asking this as his other aliases on here have gotten him ip banned and he is at the library trying to get info so he can come back here anytime he wants?
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    no, not at all. has nothing to do with this site..its another site unrelated to trading which i am uncomfortable about showing my IP.
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    You can use ISPs that assign a dynamic IP to you every time you log in (thus it is different each time) and not a static one. There is a famous ISP that merged with Time Warner that does this...
  10. Visitors


    to change your IP use proxy sites

    to change you MAC address go to control panel, system, hardware, device manager, and find your network card (the one you use internet for write down complete name)

    go to registry and use a search to find your network card by full name.

    When you find it in that same folder add string and call it "NetworkAddress" all one word, open the string and write your NEW MAC address

    12 letters and numbers in total together no "-" just letters and numbers together,

    repeat this same thing for all other folders you find your network card in registry

    restart computer

    you are done
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