How to blackmail government for market plunge bailout

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  1. July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Pakistan investors stormed out of the Karachi Stock Exchange, smashed windows and cursed regulators after the benchmark index fell for a 15th day, the worst losing streak in at least 18 years.

    ``I have lost my life savings in the last 15 days and no one in the government or regulators came to help us,'' said Imran Inayat, 45, a protester and a former banker who retired early and said he lost 300,000 rupees ($4,175) on the market.

    Police surrounded the exchange after hundreds of investors stoned the building and shouted anti-government slogans. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, which imposed and then removed a 1 percent daily limit on price declines this week, had attempted to halt a slide that wiped out $30 billion of market value in three months, threatening to undo a 14-fold rally since 2001.
  2. This all could have been prevented if they had a Yahoo message board in Pakistan. When to buy, when to sell, opinions, those guys in Pakistan didn't have a chance.
  3. Oh the stupidity of some people..
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    Pakistan, where you can retire early with $4,175.

    If only they didn't want to blow everything up... Karachi actually has some nice ocean frontage. Guess it makes you want to blow things up when you can't enjoy a nice cool beer at sunset. Well they have nobody to blame except themselves.
  5. The Large Trader Society voted against a price freeze and approved lower prices instead. :cool:
  6. I laugh when I hear all those folks who claim America is on it's way to becoming a third world country. They obviously do not know what it is like in a third world country to make such statements.

    A good read, thanks!
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    ....storming out of the exchange..hmm is that capitulation?
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    retire with $4175?
    if you want to live a western style it probably will cost more than living in paris.

  9. I doubt if that first picture is of an inhabited home. The yard is too clean. That second picture is more realistic, and it's actually a pretty clean get up. I wish I had some pictures of places in my area. It is poor here, but at least there are some good (although simple) people and some nice natural features--I like camping and canoeing type things. If you want to see misery, go to east Texas, southern and eastern Arkansas, or Lousiana and Mississippi. Not only are they some of the most depressing places you've ever seen, but the environment is just miserable, mud and humidity, mosquitoes, nothing at all to do or see.
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