How to bet your farm on non-farm payroll

Discussion in 'Trading' started by virtualmoney, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Long Eur, Short Gbp
    Long ES, Short NQ, ratio 1:2

    On both long & short sides, place
    35 pips/ticks stop loss
    75 pts profit trailing limit order

    Or is it better to scale out at various levels for stop loss and profit taking? Any other approaches to trade nfp?

    Have anybody figured out how to trigger a trailing order
    automatically only after in profit of say 75pts in IB?

    Which is better for news straddle? Currency futures or Spot Fx?
  2. will the bigger move happen only at 8:30AM or when market opens and throughout the day from 9:30AM?...many times the market just fills the 8:30am news event gap...hmmm...
  3. If you feel bolder, you should give thought to short-selling bond straddles in order to take advantage of the expected volatility decay. Take a flyer with it!