How to best protect/lock TradeStation systems

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by trillenium, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. What is best way to lock/protect TS2000i systems -- the built in password protection i heard is not very secure.
    Diamond Lock from Investlabs is very complicated to do if you want it really secure. Is there any secure way that is not too difficult to implement ?
  2. 1). You'll need to use DLLs.
    2). You'll need some form of other protection with the DLL's, the one you mention is a pain in the arse. IMHO this is much better...

    They also offer a pure SW version, but I prefer the USB dongle.
    EL alone won't cut it, it can easily be cracked.

    Note, even with the above measures, if people want to crack these, they eventually will.
  3. put your tradestation in a laptop

    take it around with you
    put it in a safe :)

    my tradestation stuff I just leave around

    who's going to trade it without some other info , :D

    I even let other people code my tradestation code, lets see them trade it when they don't have the right parameters :)