How to begin trading again.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nagan, Jul 25, 2003.

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    dear members:

    I have a few beginners' questions. Please bear with it a bit.

    1. Can we still day-trade and make $ now, or is the stock market too slow now?

    2. I used to trade in '99, and lost all. However, now I realised it was due to my lack of knowledge and inexperience. I think I was with a company that was with Landmark Securities. I like their Level II software though. It had 3 stocks running at the bottom half of the screen, bid on one side, ask on the other. The upper top was for charts, etc. In other words, it was very simple to look at and trade. One key was for buying, one was for selling, one was for canceling. I just downloaded SpeedTraderPro from some company and the software interface is too confusing. Do you know which company has a simple interface like I just describe?

    3. I just read Christopher Farrell's book on daytrading. It shows me so much of what I never knew. However, I am a little confused about the term "limit order." It seems to me to mean that, never buy more than the bid, and sell less than the ask. Am I right?

    Also, he talked about hidden orders on the Nasdag. Are we still able to do it and how?

    4. It seems like we traders have to have a license or some kind with a Series 7 test before we can trade?

    5. I am in Orlando, FL and could move to Southern Cal very soon. Is there a trader in either of those two areas who would take a little time to show me a little bit of the game since I am out of it for so long now?

    Thanks a lot,

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  4. im all always willing to tell people to get in the market. Who else am I am going to take money from! thhhhheeeee newbies!

    so come on in the water is fine!
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    another newbie thread,

    nagan use the search function, this has been discussed at length