How to become a successful trader?

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  1. As a newbie what things we should consider to become a successful trader? Plz help me to understand it.
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  2. SteveM


    Most important rule: Learn how to lose money properly.

    That means appropriate position size, always entering stop loss orders, always sticking to stop loss orders, not revenge trading, not hoping and praying.

    It took me 10 years of losing money to understand how foundational this rule is. Hopefully you will learn it quicker than I did.
  3. marsku


    Forget technical analysis.
  4. padutrader


    13 years for me
    and have some kind of this book wa.jpeg
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  5. padutrader


    then forget trading
  6. DevBru


    You are still losing money ...
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  7. padutrader


    and you are bothered

    how sweet.

    i am gaining a hell of a lot of knowledge.

    i have more than enough money
    i would exchange one for the other any day.
  8. padutrader


    this is whAt it took me 13 years for
  9. marsku


    [QUOTE = "padutrader, post: 5302956, członek: 504452"] 13 lat dla mnie
    i mam jakąś metodę ....... przeczytaj tę książkę [ATTACH = full] 249595 [/ ATTACH] [/ QUOTE]
    don't read this book
  10. padutrader


    only losers focus on losers
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