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  1. I have worked as a cold caller for a newspaper and I have a interest in trading. How to you become a broker. I like to watch the market and trade but I don't want to lose my own money. I want to learn by giving advice to others and earn a commission. I want to do this until I get good enough to trade my money. Where do you go to get in the business? Is there a school?
  2. you have to find a firm that sponsors you for Series7 license first.
  3. to give others trading advice then perhaps you should become a certified investment advisor. I personally would not take any advice from any broker, but perhaps that's just me...:cool:
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    Tell them you want to be a stock broker, goto the interview, show them that you have experience with sales.

    If you get in, they'll have you take the Series 7. Most likely, you won't get paid until you get the Series 7.

    One caution is, going into a brokerage doesn't lead you the trading. Brokers and traders seem close but very far from each other. 2 separate entities in this business.

    You don't watch the market, you just make sales. I don't know what you've sold before but just look at it as you're selling accounts and trades to customers instead of what you sold.

    Sales and trading is separate. Becoming a broker has nothing to do with trading. Statistically, all brokers are bad traders. They have a wrong idea about trading. Brokers are usually trader enthusiast who can't make it in trading.

    But... a path towards trading would be to take the Series 7 at the brokerage. Then goto a prop. firm with S-7, it's better if you have it than not having it. At the brokerage, don't listen to what the other brokers say. They dress nice and talk smooth but they are usually empty headed trader wanna-bes.

  5. Well the advice part is to see if my trading system works. If it does I will quit being a broker and trade my own money. If it doesn't screw it. It's not my money I lost and I have the commission to keep Just like selling newspapers whether they read it or not I make money.
  6. Related to brokers (the lowest forms of life besides telemarketers).

    Have you seen Jackie Mason on CNBC today?

    "You make the millions, then you get a broker to give you financial advice. A broker is someone who can't get a normal job, so he sells you the stock. You made the millions. YOU should be giving HIM advice..."

    I found it very funny.
  7. Magna come get me, I don't f***ing believe this, is it a joke. This guy has how many post? "I have an interest in trading" Yeah that is why we all are here. How do you become a broker? Why not how do you become a shoe salesman, or how do you sell aluminum siding? Does this a**h**e think that losing other peoples money is going to teach him how to trade? He has 315 other post, 315, I have not looked back to see if this post is just a joke. If it is why waste your time to make this post. If it is not what the hell have those other 314 post been about and what the hell could you have been contributing?
  8. speculation is any business is about the money I think losing other peoples money is better than losing my money. If they could afford to lose it, it should be lost to a slick salesman. When that salesman get's good at making the client the profit's he should screw them again and trade on his own.
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    Wow, I actually did go back to his posts...

    LOL... Trade555 is complete joke... with all the smart ass posts and he doesn't know how to become a broker...

    He talks about markets and he doesn't know how to become a broker...

    Wait... he wants to become a broker... to what? Make other people trade it to test his system? Big mouth, small heart? Did you know that little dogs bark annoyingly loud and big dogs don't. Good luck making money for your customers, Mr. Chihuahua.
  10. This dork can't make a sixth grade grammatically correct sentence.
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