How to Become a Muslim Nazi or Islamist

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  1. <b>This is graphic.

    You have been warned!</b>

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  3. hughb


    God fucking damn what the fuck is wrong with those people!?!?!?!
  4. I wish I hadn't seen that.

    There's graphic, and there's <i>that</i>. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  5. You haven't seen nothing yet! I have been focusing on the modern day Nazis, the Islamists, because Dracu was banned from this site, but I actually prefer the Nazis of the Third Reich, and their allies. They were the real experts in horrific torture and cruelty. Aren't you glad you didn't become a surgeon Rearden?
  6. See the video Seventy Two Virgins that I posted for an explanation of this behavior.
  7. Wheres the moderator? Tits you don't want to show but this?
  8. I guess in your mind killing 10 times as many women and children of the wall bobbers enemies is ...justifiable, since the IDF kills humanely. Oh, but of course everyone knows one jew is worth 100 palestinians. Some people support principles at the expense of people and some people support principles at the expense of people. Your bigger louder campaign doesn't make your position any more right ...child.
  9. Damn it, Omega, you lowered my serotonin level without informing me of anything, sorry, it's the dust bin of personal history for 'ya, into it you go, where's that ignore thingy... ahhhhhhh that is so much nicer....


  10. Ostrich.
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