How to become a Congressman?

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    I can not stand the fact our politicians are sitting back while D.C. inflates our way to destruction of the middle class and our children's future.

    Very very few politicians seem to be able to have that type of conversation. Sound bites, talk shows debates... anywhere with any lefty any time. I want to bring this up for the sake of my kids and their friends. And the hispanic community must be told their dreams are being mortaged by the left. Win or not... this conversation has to become front and center. .

    And note .. me llamo in espanol es Juan y viva mexican americanos. Yo viaje a Mexico y Guatemala estudiar y me gusta su cultura.

    So... if I someone wishes to run from congress....
    What are your suggestions for the smartest ways to get that done.

    Schmooze, schmooze and schmooze some more. You'll have to make promises you can't keep to people you can't stand. And you have to lie all day and night. Telling the truth won't win you enough votes.
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    I despise that sort of time wasting..
    I will have to devise a new way.

    thanks for the link. that link is troubling.
    I do not have any desire to do a lot of that.
    Great link actually.

    I really need to find a new social media away.

    I think I need to reincarnate a ross perot kind of deal with charts and giant sucking sounds.
  4. For starters , hire Stu as your adviser, jem.:).
  5. start here... get everyone on ET to agree on something.

    State your wish and let's compromise..everyone agree to disagree.

    ps. I'll start...

    Free beer tomorrow....:D

    Jem's buying....:cool: ...:D
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    He will part of my outreach to atheists, bankers, politicians and leftists who believe we can fix a debt problem by spending more.
  7. On the other hand, I am more than willing to hear your thoughts. I wrote a thesis in grad school, oh so long ago, about how people got elected. I don't know if I can find it, since I've moved so many times. But I can recall some of my major points.

    If you're interested in Reaching across the Aisle, let me know. Glad to work with you, Jem.
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    Just buy your votes with taxpayer money like Obama does.
  9. Or, Promise the guys like Adelson, Koch Bros' and crew anything they want to hear to get a $zillion to try to buy the election.

    Game, Set, Match.

    Honestly, no winners here with all the $$$ being wasted on both sides pspr. Seriously.
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    I worked on Capital Hill in the 80s and shelved any thoughts of politics after that.

    I have watched a few friends attempt careers in local politics one left and one right but they got smeared so fast it was amazing.

    At the moment I have no plan... other than I do not have time or desire to do it the normal way. But I am going to find a way.

    For now social issues mean very little to me.
    I would trade gay marriage for a balanced budget in a heartbeat.

    I have no problem with a path to citizen ship in exchange for capped spending with debt monetized at zero percent.

    I would give up in on most social issues for capped spending and zero to 11 personal income tax and a flat 15 -20 percent corporate tax.

    I think I need a website and some power points.
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