How to Become a Better Version of Yourself in 7 Days

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    How to Become a Better Version of Yourself in 7 Days

    I challenge you to take a few minutes to envision of better version of yourself..... Think about what you would actually look like, think like, and most importantly, act like if you could improve yourself in those areas you feel behind-the-curve in. Write down those characteristics now. You don't need a pen and paper. Type that info on the device you are using right now to read this post.. Don't overthink it. Just dump a few major issues down. If you are like any other human on the planet, you know exactly what areas you suck in.... that's for sure, so write them down. Your note might read something like this:

    A better version of myself would:

    1. Be 20 lbs lighter.
    2. Stop Smoking
    3. Have more true friends than I do now.

    Your next task is to write down two actions you could make today that would actually bring those new characteristics to life within yourself.. I'm talking about some basic changes that would be a step in the right direction, not every possible thing that it would take to see yourself setting the standard in that area for the rest of us to follow. Be realistic.

    Ok, so write those down now. I didn't say actually DO THEM, or even stress about doing them. I just said to write them down. So at this point your list might resemble the following:

    1. Be 20 lbs lighter.
    - Cut out high-calorie sodas.
    - Take a 20 minute walk every day.

    2. Stop Smoking.
    - Estimate the number of cigarettes I'm smoking daily and cut that down by 10%.
    - Cut back on one activity that compels me to smoke.

    3. Have more true friends than I do now.
    - Find a new circle of people to associate with.
    - Invite someone I've met recently to meet me for dinner or drinks one night this week.

    It's very important that you only list areas of your life that really bother you. If you enjoy smoking, then don't write down that you want to quit.

    Now here's where things get surprisingly easy.

    You have three things about yourself that really bug you and that you want to improve, but I only want you to pick the easiest one for you to get started on right now. Yes... pick the ONE characteristic on the list whose actions require the LEAST AMOUNT OF EFFORT on your part. Don't even worry about the other two.

    You now have one item about yourself that you really want to change, and then two actions under that item. Now all you have to do is look at the two actions you have listed, and then just pick ONE of them to do each and every day this week. ..... Just ONE.

    If you do what I ask and you pick one characteristic about yourself that you can improve, and then pick one action that you will repeatedly take each and every day over the next week, guess what you're going to feel like 7 days from now? You're going to feel amazing to be honest with you. Actually, you're going to feel even better than that. You're going to feel EMPOWERED, which is one of the most awesome feelings you will ever feel in your entire life. You know what that means? It means that not only are you proud of yourself that you identified and implemented a positive change in your behavior...... but you also feel the confidence and desire to keep improving.

    Sometimes in life the things we want to improve about oursleves seem downright impossible, but usually it's not because they are really impossible, it's because we feel defeated inside before we even begin, and that locks us into doing nothing. Instead of embracing the notion that you'll never be that superior version of yourself that you were back in college, I challenge you to instead think on a much smaller scale, and simply start the transformation process with one new action this week. Don't think about how far the finish line is. Just think about taking the first step of your journey. You can conquer the other steps later.

    If you take 3 minutes and do what I've outlined above, in 7 days you'll be surprised at how empowered you feel to keep improving this area of your life that's been bothering you forever.

    Ok, so you might be asking yourself, "Yeah, but what am I supposed to do after the first 7 days?". That's easy. Simply continue doing the one new action you've done over the past week, but also add the other action you had written down, and implement both of them the next week. Once you've done those, write down a couple more small steps you can take from there, and just continue adding one per week to your routine. Continue this pattern until you reach your goal of improving yourself in that one area to your satisfaction. Along the way you will undoubtedly hit a seemingly difficult change to implement, but your self-esteem will be so high at that point from your previous small accomplishments that the next "daunting task" will actually end up being much easier than you had previously ever thought. That's the power of empowerment. :)

    After you've improved yourself in that area, it's time to work on one of the other characteristics that you listed. As you may have guessed, the list of things that you can improve about yourself is constantly updating and never ends, but that's the fun of this journey we call life, isn't it?

    The coolest thing about all this is that you'll impact the lives of other people around you, whether you want to or not. Over time they will see your initiative, drive, and follow-through, and those will be characteristics they want for themselves. And I cannot begin to describe the feeling when someone says, "Seeing you change motivated me to make some positive changes in my own life, and those changes have really added up and made a big difference for me. I'm a happier person these days because of you. Thank you so much!".

    So good luck on not only becoming a version of yourself that you can really be proud of. But also on becoming the kind of person that challenges and empowers your family, friends and co-workers in a new and positive way. Now get moving!! You're only 7 days away :D

    Good luck,

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    Your wife's written a self help book hasn't she.:D
  3. Nice piece Chief :cool:
  4. +1
  5. you can read about gazillion of methods, tricks, books, blogs, advisors, coaches, trainers, etc.

    none of these will make any long lasting effect IF

    ...... fundamental thing now..........

    are you ready?

    if you dont have enough hormones, esp. testosterone.

    i also like the way bashar puts it:

    its not a lack of abundance which is your problem.
    its the abundance of lack.
  6. IKE - The world is what you think it is
    KALA - There are no limits, everything is possible
    MAKIA - Energy flows where attention goes
    MANAWA - Now is the moment of power
    ALOHA - To love is to be happy with
    MANA - All power comes from within
    PONO - Effectiveness is the measure of truth

    Principles of Huna
    I'd add:
    NIKE - Just do it! :D
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    I agree with that. And given the myriad of doctors that are now offering hormone replacement therapy these days (look for ads in any men's magazine), getting one's hormones optimized shouldn't really be that big of a problem if that's a primary concern.
  8. Look at Tony Robbins energy, drive, confidence.
    The guy is 52.
    I'm pretty sure he is taking HGH, like Stallone.

    They key thing in personal development is that...

    you must start ***feeling*** every aspect of it.
    personally experience it.

    just knowing or understanding won't trigger changes.
    what could be a helpful trick here- always put yourself over the edge, beyond your limits, outside of your comfort zone.

    think of swimming.
    to learn how to swim, you have to move out of your normal conditions (air) and put yourself totally under water.
    push the boundaries.
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    You only see Robbins when he's "on." If he were like that 24/7, he'd wear out. As for the HGH, if I had to bet a dollar, I'd say he wasn't on it. Meanwhile, Stallone probably has a pharmacy in his basement.
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