How to Beat the Market!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BTM, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. BTM


    See the Picture !!!
  2. Oh my GOD, I will never have to work again. That is it. You have found it (and so have I). This is IT!!!! We are rich, rich, rich!!!!

    How could anything be more clear than that squiggly thing?

    I know just what to do know.

    I will trade that squiggly thing to death.

    I will beat the markets over the head with that squiggly thing.

    That squiggly thing will make me millions.

    I will buy thousands of squiggly things and have them as pets.

    I will have a license plate that says "Squiggly" on it.

    I will change my name to Mr. Squiggly

    Thank you so much for posting this!!!!!

  3. doublea


    +$225. My system trades after 1 EST only. I got screwed yesterday for overriding the system and trading before 1 EST. Had I waited till 1 EST, yesterday would have been a profitable day too.

    Total: $1650
  4. You beat the market too, thats fantastic. I expect to beat the crap out of the market tomorrow using the squiggly thing strategy.
  5. simonee


    If you take your time to look at it, its not hard to see that this is some sort of contraceptive for women :D
  6. BTM


    Beat the Market by Prediction not Verbal.

    Action beat word
  7. beat word action
  8. bgp


    prove it in the e-mini market.
  9. What is happening to ET?
  10. maxpi


    I'd click on the picture but I might catch something.
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