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    How can I be employed by those firms?

    I dont understand the system around prop firms

    what are the requirement before I call them?
    series 7 maybe?

    Thank you for any input
  2. Breathing and $25K ...
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    ? breathing what does that mean?

    I have about 50k saving which my grand mother gave me
  4. They will hire anyone with $25,000 ...
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    and what do i do with them?
  6. Trade, the same as in a retail account; but with slightly different rules.
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    Do I use my own money or I trade their money?
  8. Both, probably.

    How much money have you made trading?
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    Not even started but papertrade for almost 9 years (since I m in high school with realtime data feed(about 3 and half years with real time data)....alot of people say that everyone can make money trading on paper but I think I can make $1.5/share per a day even if its with real money(maybe overconfidenct?)

    i have 50k but am scared of being myself alone..
    and want to share ideas or something like that with other good traders face to face

    I read alot (really alot) of books and have been reading alot but not much to read anymore...
  10. I think the man you should talk to is Don Bright from Bright Trading.

    I think he should be able to help you out the best ...
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