How to be a Sponsor and Not Pay For It.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Most people who start a website seek one thing: Eyeballs & Targeted Traffic. It is worth a gold mine. On the busy internet, it is hard to get people to pay attention for you.

    A number of sponsors have chosen to do this, paying EliteTrader a goodly sum for this right.

    But on Elitetrader, there is loophole(s). It is called "start your own website and call it a blog" Having your own journal and starting/participating in threads is not good enough... Apparently we need a separate place to "innnocently" redirect traffic.

    So here is the loophole:

    1) Create a trading-related website

    2) Call it a blog. Very carefully, don't include advertisements or sell anything. Yet. After all the Terms of Service only prohibit COMMERCIAL sites. And "blogs" or "noncommercial" sites are usually left alone.

    3) Populate the website with information and talk it up on your posts on ET. Give your website, and have a number of your embedded links point to your website along with other respceted sites.

    4) Build up traffic and/or get people to "register" so you can harvest their contact information (Gee, some people have to pay for lists of traders?)

    5) Eventually, start selling services or taking ads. If ET pulls the plug after you have been doing this, at least you have gotten a following and a valuable email list for free. Rinse & repeat on Trade2Win or other forums.

    This person is on steps 3 & 4: