How to be a rational gun rights person.....

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  1. I plucked this from another forum. i know the poster, this is not a fabrication.

    "That's it for me..... I apologize to all the parents of the children lost in last weeks shooting that it took me this long. I feel sick to my stomach every time I think about the senseless loss of young lives.

    I live by detroit and flint michigan and everyday when I hear about the shootings from the night before I say well those are gang members fighting each other. They are living the life style they picked. After the shooting in the movie theater, I said well if one person had a gun they could of stopped it, I might of even said it in this very thread, but really is that the answer?

    I'm a former NRA member,a advid hunter, I own many guns, even a few assault type. I cannot for the life of me justify the lives of those children just so I can enjoy shooting a assault weapon on the weekend.

    Use them for hunting?....Nope, a single, double barrel, and bolt action are more than enough for hunting. I have never once used my SKS or Ak for hunting.

    Protection from a run away goverment?? Yeah right, have you watched any of the war coverage on U tube? a guy with assualt weapon last about 30 seconds, thats the time it takes for the pilot to get clearance to shoot from a mile away.

    But what about my second amendment rights? I 'm betting the founding fathers never dreamed of the type and the power of the weapons available to the general public in this day. I'll keep the right to have my muzzle loader and single shots.

    Personal protection? A shotgun is all I need to protect my house.

    After much soul searching last weekend I cannot come up with a single excuse in favor of these types of guns that is worth one of those lives.

    I didn't vote for Obama but I'll damn sure back any assault weapons ban he writes."
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    No, but it is mostly nonsense.
  3. Too bad for you that's not what the 2nd Amendment allows.
  4. You wouldn't know "rational" if it slapped you in the face. What delusional moonbattery.
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    "Political power comes from the barrel of a gun"
  6. About what I expected from the local loons. Good to see you stood up and identified yourselves. Any more?
  7. What are you for "thinking" that your uninformed, emotional whims will make us safer and should trump the Constitution?
  8. No no. I asked for NEW loons. You're same old same old.
  10. What do you want , want me to create a sock puppet or something?
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