How to be a good VENDOR on ET

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  1. For all those vendors looking to mentor or sell trading systems, books, advice, chat rooms, etc... I would like to create a forum as to how to properly market their business here on ET.

    - First and foremost provide an audited track record of performance. If u are running a chat room and performance is difficult to track.. then provide an audited track record of your own personal or business trading account. I am sick and tired of anyone trying to dodge this issue.. because if u cant make $ actually trading then u are worth very little.. and why should any one listen to u.

    - Provide a free trial to chat room, or very detailed backtested results for system looking to sell. Basically give us detailed information as to what exactly u are trying to sell.

    - Provide a detailed background overview as to what experience u have in the financial markets and trading. Did u work on wall street? any major trading/prop firms? What type of credibility do u have?

    - If you are selling a system.. the ideal scenerio would be to show the trading performance of the system with actually money being traded.

    Bottom line.. is that I bet if anyone followed the described recommendations as to how to sell on ET.. i bet their would be less bullshit. Now I also believe that if anyone actually had good credentials and provided all of the details above they more than likely would be trading their own account and making a killing as opposed to wasting their time with newbies.. but there are exceptions to that rule..
  2. I would like to know if there are any legal ramifications to this. You hear sometimes that only some qualified individuals with licences can legally offer audited track records. Is this indeed the case? Can anyone offer some insight into this issue?
  3. I know for a fact.. that its bullshit. There is always a way to show past performance if someone really wanted to. It comes down to paying an attorney or CPA to validate it legally.

    If they dont want to show any type of performance.. its even easier to find ways to dodge.
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    So, by your definition, does ET have <i>any</i> good vendors?

    Also, on a lighter note. Since you are seeking to mentor vendors on how to improve their businesses, can you provide a track record of how you have helped other vendors with your assistance? Audited would be nice, but not required. :D


    P.S. Just having a laugh here... Sorry for contributing to this thread further. I'm done now.
  5. Those who satisfy the conditions from ET members will never want to sell anything.
    They are successful enough and make money enough to trade on their own.
    I still have to see the first big-money-making-system that is for sale or can be teached for 3000$.

    Is there any famous trader that bought a system or used a system that was teached in a seminar? I don't think so.
    But perhaps they were to stupid to buy and developped it themselves.:D
  6. Yes. there are good vendors on ET. In regards to brokers or software thats in a different category... i am referring to IB, Bright, Rushtrade, etc. This thread has no relevance to them.

    Now in reference to gurus or trading coaches.. the best one that I can remember was Tony Ozz.. i dont know whatever happened to him.
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    TF... do you remember all the heat Tony had to take here before he simply left ET for good? :) And his results were documented very thoroughly... tells you something? :)
  8. Gurus like Ramotour, Brandon, Shogun, and others failed to comply with any of the guidelines mentioned above.. thats why almost all of them get chewed up on ET.
  9. I wasnt really around when he was posting.. but if he came back I would stick up for him.. as I would stick up for u too.
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