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  1. For all those vendors looking to mentor or sell trading systems, books, advice, chat rooms, etc... I would like to make a few suggestions as to how to properly market their business here on ET.

    - First and foremost provide an audited track record of performance. If u are running a chat room and performance is difficult to track.. then provide an audited track record of your own personal or business trading account. I am sick and tired of anyone trying to dodge this issue.. because if u cant make $ actually trading then u are worth very little.. and why should any one listen to u.

    - Provide a free trial to chat room, or very detailed backtested results for system looking to sell. Basically give us detailed information as to what exactly u are trying to sell.

    - Provide a detailed background overview as to what experience u have in the financial markets and trading. Did u work on wall street? any major trading/prop firms? What type of credibility do u have?

    - If you are selling a system.. the ideal scenerio would be to show the trading performance of the system with actually money being traded.

    Bottom line.. is that I bet if anyone followed the described recommendations as to how to sell on ET.. i bet their would be less bullshit. Now I also believe that if anyone actually had good credentials and provided all of the details above they more than likely would be trading their own account and making a killing as opposed to wasting their time with newbies.. but there are exceptions to that rule..
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    Sure. I'll play. I started at a small OTC firm, then ML, Then worked on the floor of the AMEX as a wire clerk, then $2 broker, then I borrowed $25K from my family to start my own BD in 1985. I trade as a market maker from 1985 until 2010 with my own money and did very well. I owned my own AMEX Membership plus part of two others. I joined Vtrader for one year while I was looking to get into Prime Brokerage. Joined Permac Securities DBA/Victor Securities in 2011.

    My upstairs, option/equity trading and prop firm experience make me qualified to understand the needs of traders. I also attached my FINRA broker check to substantiate my background and to show my clean U4.

    I don't hide anything here. My real name is Robert Morse and I'm looking for Hedge funds, Trading Groups and Active traders that might be a good fit to do business with. In the process, I answer questions from those that will never be my client, because I enjoy the interaction.

    Your turn.......
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    The trouble is that if most marketers in this business tell the truth they woulnd't be telling their potential customers what they want to hear.

    I made 19% last year!

    If you understand trading and investment, numbers like that are very good. But if you're new then that number is a joke, so why buy?

    But 100% over a few months + no more than 20 mins work a day.

    Now THAT'S what sells to the masses! That's what they want to hear and that forces them to get their credit cards out.
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    Great point! Many new potential clients expect to get rich when they enter the futures market, even with someone else managing their money. They don't consider what 19% compounded per year for many years turns into -- a load of money. Instead, they want 190% each quarter LOL. You just gotta walk away from people like this.

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    So, how about those BIDU and APPL trade tickets you promised last week?

    You know, practice what you preach and that sort of thing.
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    That's a good point...its not just about vendors...its also about anyone that wants others to believe that trades they've done have actually occurred even though they're not selling anything.

    Take a look at the Journal section or any other journal like thread here at ET (e.g. ES Journal). If someone is posting losing trades...nobody ask for proof or is called a liar. Yet, if someone is posting consistent winners...others want to see proof, make accusations, start other threads just to attack the ET member...a ET member that's not selling anything.

    Simply, its not just a vendor issue...its an all around problem with traders on the internet.

    Due Diligence for everyone...not just vendors.
  7. I think if the vendor can't provide audited results and can't provide backtested results, they shouldn't be trying to sell anything.