How to be a good trader?

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  1. The stock market has given the opportunity to meet different entrepreneurs who have evolved every day and offered more than one benefit to the world with their research, foundations, charity, even with courses and giving the opportunity to new members of the world of the stock market to develop as part of a complete universe where the trader is able to manage his own system, react to failures, resolve conflicts and invest in the most appropriate way and at the most opportune moment.
    A good trader? When I listen to this or read this I can only think of beings of great names that are recognized worldwide for their work in online finance and the stock market, however, there are other great characters who have managed to evolve and establish themselves as a part of of this group of great of the history of the market, very in spite of its short ages but great experiences in the world of the trading. Today we will talk about Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor. He is an entrepreneur, trader, investor and professional native of Spain, ventured from the age of 18 into the business world, being an expert in forex and in the Spanish stock market, becoming the "youngest Trader in the world, his perseverance and great human quality make him an example for future generations, maintains a commitment to favor society through its projects and foundation.
    It is said that this man started trading from a young age, when his youth was present. However, he became interested in the stock market since he was 6 years old, and his interest was so much that he consulted the Teletext quotations and was always very attentive to the information of the stock market, since he was very young he had the potential to become someone with a lot of power in the universe of trading. He was considered and still considered one of the great promises of investment and the world of forex, for a time he owned 6 virtual banks, currently he is dedicated to teaching and practicing trading as he knows how to do it, his main way of make investments is to diversify every money in the stock market, gold, oil, forex and futures, being thus one of the characters of the stock market with greater knowledge and versatility in investments.
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  2. Sorry, what is the point of this?
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    A bit of history you've written here. Well, there are so many factors involved in trading; so much risk to be taken and so much money involved. You can't be right about it all because you weren't there. Being a top Forex trader is not as easy as they have made it look. There have been series of risks involved.
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    Top notch traders they are. People are investing huge money in Forex, but here I am looking for free money from brokers to start trading. I wiped out my account two weeks ago. Forex is really difficult from my point of view. I am back in the game with $100, thanks to Forexchief no-deposit bonus..:cool:
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    My goal is to become the best trader and I think everyone dreams of it, but it takes a lot of time and effort. The main - not to give up on half way
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  6. Saying "the best' sounds like you want to compete with others. This is not a healthy thinking. You should learn from expert traders and like you said "not to give up half way".

    @Breezy12, please what is your experience with the $100 Forexchief bonus? I want to know if you were able to withdraw profit, since many of these brokers give too much condition on bonuses. Please reply, thanks
  7. I have not yet seen a broker bonus that is worth doing.
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    Maybe only good for playing around with the platform:sneaky:
  9. But aren't you then tied in?
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    Of course, there is no substitute for hard work
    it's better start from learning Forex basics. after it you can practice on free Demo account, for instance at JustForex. On Practice account you can test your trading strategies, and make a real deposi
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