How to avoid slips on TF

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by elpepelucho, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Hi y'all,

    I've been trading TF (russell 2k on ICE) and have been having an issue of slippage.

    I have my profit target set as a limit order, and sometimes (specially recently) the price will hit but my order wont fill.

    Since my strategy hit its target, even if I am not filled, I'll close out the trade.

    This is where the issue comes in. I click on "close trades" (using tradestation), which I believe cancels the open limit order and replaces it with a market order. Whenever this happens the price gaps against me several ticks, like 3-5 ticks is normal. And this happens even when trading one lonely contract !

    Is there a way to avoid such a big gap on this market order replacement ? It just feels like I'm being gouged by someone.

  2. wata


    I think your problem is tradesatation I have friends who have tradestation but use it only for charting and programing and not for trades
  3. lindq


    TF has been thinly traded since the move from ER, and that's especially true during this holiday period. That's the most likely cause of your problem.

    I have a couple systems I like to trade with TF, but they're not tradable with prices jumping 3-4 ticks at a time in low volume.

    Hopefully volume on the contract will pick up in January, making entries and exits a bit more reliable.