how to attack the subjects' egos and force them to come to a decision

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    The Take Away
    aka... The Negative Sell

    The Take Away is used to psychologically force the subjects to admit that they are the only ones who are responsible for making the ultimate decision to proceed with a project or not. And that we will not wait any longer for them to continue putting off making the decision.

    We literally attack the subjects' egos
    and force them to come to a decision.

    This technique will make them feel that if they don't go ahead with the product or service, that they are making a major mistake and that they are not bright enough to see the value of the deal.

    "Maybe you're right,"
    the salesman said as he stood up and began closing his presentation materials.

    "This program is not for everybody. I just really believed, based on what you've told me, you would finally see what I hoped we were going to accomplish for your company today."

    "Maybe I shouldn't say this but, I guess this was just too sophisticated for you. It doesn't matter, you're obviously uncomfortable with the idea of going forward with the program."

    (continue packing-up if not stopped by the subject and leave on civil terms.)

    "I really thought you would appreciate this proposal." (Shrug)

    The more egotistical the subjects, the more vehemently they will object to having you make up their minds for them. You should use this weakness to apply more coercive persuasion. It works really well.
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    Oh yeah, works really well. Should we ever meet and you have occasion to confront me in this manner, you'd do well to be talking through your teeth guard!

    Just kidding, wouldn't really blast you in the mouth.... WOULD give you the bum's rush out of my office, though.
  3. people who employ this and similar tactics have so little going on in their own heads that they have to get into other people's.
  4. "The Take Away is used to psychologically force the subjects to admit that they are the only ones who are responsible for making the ultimate decision"

    As I said people only recognise something in other fields but not in their own, so think a little bit when you hear some psycho gurus and seller vendors say "you are responsible for your losses it is your fault not the fault of our marvelous method " :D. In Quality field there have been the same kind of Gurus using only exhortation, happily Deming (the US Quality guru famous for being called by Mac Arthur after the war to help reconstruct Japan thanks to his Quality expertise ) succeded at the end to denounce them. But now he's dead and the psycho gurus in Quality field are coming back with their exhortations methods. As Deming said exhortation is only useful after all the foundations have been set that's why he was laughing at Quality Circle when they are created in the first stage whereas it should only be done in the last phase of Quality developement.
  5. This is marketing and if you have never remark such methods in your everyday life when watching tv or going to supermarket then you should have already being well conditioned :D

    Why you should be surprised ? It is only mass psychology. Even if in trading you try not to be part of the crowd in your everyday life you are not so attentioned. You can be fooled by such methods in fact such methods work only when they are subtily distilled. In fact in everyday life you would be overwhelmed if you have to focus attention everytime and so everybody somehow affected by that: you just can't escape them except if you don't watch tv or go to the supermarket :D. As for myself I don't watch TV since 6 years but I still go to the supermarket I need to buy foods to eat :D

    I have been following myself a 15 days training for telemarketing targeting CEO. It is really manipulation method but as I said it must be invisible to be efficient. And one of the trick to make them invisble was using progressivness (look for example at TV spots for a product with different themes that distilled the same idea but differently). I learned a lot but I disliked that they really take people for pigeons although yeah the majority could be since their stuff work. Scientology Church (under firms they own) has now invested this marketing method business and also management field and form Mc Donalds and many other big firms : this is the proof that these methods have great success and tend to expand.

  6. finally harry you have posted something that is real and makes sense and has relevance to the real world. People don't like to admit it, but they get manipulated all the time. And yes, the Scientology "church" ( world headquarters down the road from me ) knows all about manipulative sales tactics, they would be good teachers.
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    When people tried that close on me and it has been tried numerous times (perhaps they thought I was not in control of my ego) I just thought they were nuts. I am really let down, I mis judged you. I remember thinking that person is the worst salesperson in the world trying to guilt me in to doing something. Now I realize they were hoping for ego play. You see I saw it as a pity play.

    I thought it was really stupid because most of these people hardly knew me. It might be much more effective on an acquaintance or a friend. The right close for the right person.

    By the way a trader I know had a guy who manages an office try this on her. He said something that I thought was really out of place and sort of a bozo statement. Now, I realize it was just a close.

    He was trying to get a trader to switch to his office and after not persuading her he said "I am really let down by you, I thought you would make a better decision" or something like that, I do not remember the exact words. But she thought the statement was so strange she brought it up with me. Now, I know when saleman use their scripts at inappropriate times they look really stupid.

    Thanks for this thread it makes me understand some things better.
  8. harry, you're deep. and did I say I was surprised?

    manipulation of this sort is diabolical. <---- now there's a fun word to look up.
  9. It becomes only diabolical when you take conscious of it see jem's example above :D. most of people won't take conscious of it so they live "happy". As for me I can't. As I said I am not against commerce, for me commerce is necessary exchange, also money which is like the blood not of your body but of economy, so the problem is not commerce or money, the problem is coercision and outrageous benefits for low work or input.

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    That explains something I've wondered about for years. I was helping to start up a small (OK, tiny - about a dozen folks) company and I was invited to a sort of Wholesalers Purchase club. The sales person and I chatted for a bit before the presentation and I told her about our startup. Then a group of us got a hard pitch. Afterwards, we went back to our individual sales reps, and she tried this sort of thing on me.

    It felt very surreal. I thought she understood that I wasn't some shmuck just off the boat so I wouldn't be ponying up money in a high-pressure sales pitch. But she refused to lay off the pressure, and would not relent even on the "You must buy now, this offer expires at midnight."

    I didn't buy anything of course, and her attitude had puzzled me until today.
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