How to apply auto strategy to 200 stocks in TradeStation Plateform?

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  1. Hi,

    I know you can add multiple strategies to an open chart in TS. But if you want to add multiple strategy to 200 symbols, you don't want to have 200 charts open and They looking at you ...even my PC is going to freeze. LOL.

    In Radarscreen when you have 200 symbols, that's like running 200 charts running in the background, you can add indicators to give you a signal what setup has happened, but can not add a strategy to be executed.

    Please give suggestion within TS platform, or 3rd party add-on or software that Links would be ok. I understand TS has limitations, but my strategies are simple.
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  2. I have been looking for solid TS add on mech trading software as well, but as of yet I have not found anything suitable either.

    This is the best fishing fishing hole for ideas I have run into:

    I like TS executions hands down and I would like to find a third party vendor focused ONLY on making a straight forward, user friendly, operationally reliable algo support system designed to quickly/easily deploy trade ideas to the market from a locally controlled machine.

    It would be good to discuss different vendors here going forward.
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  3. You can run strategies out of Radar Screen with Order Objects. Hundreds of symbols are no issue. I do this daily. It is significantly more coding effort than a TS "Strategy". Search for Grid Trading in the TS forums and you will find information.

    You can also look at MultiCharts. MC offers EasyLanguage based strategy portfolio trading.
  4. Are you referring to below? i haven't used it, but seems need manual intervention. I am looking for something that allows me to apply one strategy to 100 symbols and once conditions become true for any particular symbol , it places order automatically, scale positions for me based on position profit and close positions for that symbol automatically for me, and then reenter new positions if price pull back to certain Rang % for first entry, and loop this again and again

    The GridTrading EasyLanguage Application allows you to quickly and easily place trades, manage positions, and manage orders, directly from TradeStation RadarScreen. Once GridTrading has been inserted into RadarScreen, simply left click any cell to see a context-sensitive menu of available trading actions. By intelligently determining which trading actions should be available, GridTrading allows traders to act more quickly, and with fewer errors, while at the same time saving valuable screen real-estate. The trading menus are customizable, and can easily be modified to suit any user‘s unique trading style. Included with GridTrading are a sample workspace, Forex GridTrader.TSW, and a PDF help document, GridTrading.PDF. It will work with any symbol and any interval, but does require TradeStation’s RadarScreen application and TradeStation 9.1 Update 12 or higher. Provided by: Peter Parandjuk, Vice President and Chief Architect of Advanced Trading Technologies, TradeStation Technologies...

  5. That's an example of implementing order management with Radar Screen. Yes, in that example it's a manual trigger. Same concept can be done with full automation. I've run fully automated strategies up to 500 symbols with no issues. In theory you can go as high as 2000. There is a lot of supporting code to track positions, entry points, open orders, etc. Look into Order Objects, Order Providers, Position Providers, etc., all of these will likely be needed along with a way to persist strategy positions and compare to account positions. I've implemented strategies in this way for myself and others. It works.
  6. Tradestation OOP looks to have a steep/long learning curve.

    Any quickstart suggestions to speed that up?
  7. You can enlist the assistance of someone who has done this, maybe purchase a template, or hire a TS consultant.
  8. You might have to find some manual way to handle this or contact them if necessary. There is no harm in reaching out to a platform in case of urgency.
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    Yeah it’s one of the major problems faced by traders especially those who can code. I hear you brother. Did you give a try to the software available online or even better, why don’t you speak with the TS support team. I’m sure these guys can come up with a better idea or offer support with customized or pre-existing robo systems.