how to answer this questions?

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    A friend of mine asked me if he uses 10k to trade one emini NQ, then he only needs to make about 2.5 point per day to make 100% return per year. It sounds quite easy. But it also seems not many people can achieve it. How should I answer him? :cool:
  2. didnt your mother tell you if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  3. Let the market explain it to him ...
  4. With good ranges it is easy to make 2.5 points a day.

    The trouble is that it's even easier to lose more than this.

    I go with A, let him try and let the market explain how things really work.
  5. KavMan


    Just tell him a person named aphexcoil could turn $5000 to 1 million in 18 months :eek: :p

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    Suggest that he paper-trade it for a week. He'll figure out the answer for himself.

  7. 2.5 points in a day isn't hard at all. what's hard is being consistent...making 2.5 points 20 times a month, 235 times a year.
  8. he only needs to make -2.5 point per day to make -100% :)

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    Sometimes it seems that way, but as a mother I know better.

    Mother is NOT always right. The list "sounded to good to be true" and turned out TO BE TRUE is endless.

    Of course, proceed with caution, but proceed. Be careful of greed. If you make your 2.5 points a day regularly, then maybe you'll want, 3, 4, 5 ...?

    Of course you may want to rethink 100% a year if spending the time daytrading. that is a rather low objective for the time committed

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    100%pa rather low???????? How much did you make?
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