How to activate my limit order at Nasdaq at 9:30 for NYSE stock?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by sloth, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. sloth


    Here is what I intend to trade:

    * I am trading NYSE stocks, for example ZNT LNT etc.
    * I intend to route my limit order to Nasdaq and have the order be active at 9:30AM. In another word, I want my order to participate the Nasdaq opening cross but not NYSE opening cross, although NYSE is the primary exchange.
    * I do not want my order to execute before 9:30AM.

    I am trading with IB and I have tried the following:

    * smart routing: it routes the order to NYSE (of course) so it will participate NYSE opening cross.
    * route to Nasdaq and set "allow pre-trading hours" to false. What happened is that even though Nasdaq starts trading the stock right after 9:30AM, my order is not active until the time NYSE opens.

    I talked to IB support and they said I can try setting "allow pre-trading hours" and "good after time" at 9:30AM.

    Does anyone have that experience? Would that miss the opening cross at Nasdaq because the order has to be submitted by 9:28AM?

    Thanks in advance!