How to acquire Accredited Investors for a small Hedge Fund!

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    I would like to know how to acquire Investors for a small Hedge Fund since the CFTC will not let me Cold Call potential investors for my Commodity Pool.

    Please Help!

    P.S. I suck at Golf and did not go to an Ivy League School or Boarding School.
  2. Get a car.

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  3. Rent the suite here.

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  4. Order a drink and talk to potential prospects like you own the world.

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  5. I have no words.....
  6. Optional. Get a company.

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  7. wolfab82


    you guys are too funny. I am not trying to "Front" or lie, cheat or steal to get customers. My last name is not Madoff or anything like that.

    I do appreciate humor though, this made me chuckle out loud.

    For the person that posted, I have no words, Why bother posting?

    Thanks for the laughs guys!
  8. This can help.

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  9. Before you even talk to anyone you need the following. This is not from me, a respectable gentlemen told me that.
    1- A track record, no paper trading, no backtest, hard trading results, minimum 1-3 year depending on strategy.
    2- A partner. Serious investors dont get into one man show.
    3- Education or designations such as a CFA.
    4- Experience in the field for an employer.
    5- Legit people who can recommend you.
  10. If I were looking for accredited investors, I would probably visit some CPAs and show them my track record. Perhaps they could refer you to someone if they thought it might be of interest.

    You can also get lists of owners of private aircraft, many of whom are accredited investors. You can get these from a list broker. Same thing for boats by the way over a certain length.

    A few thoughts.

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