How Tiger Woods plays golf (from Wikipedia)

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  3. Should be pretty simple to make the is no different. Minimize your losing days. Focusing on achieving consistent results, and be at your best on those few days a year where the market will allow you to make big, profitable trades.
  4. Yeah thanks, I got that. But thanks for your enlightening post. Was just looking for the OP to say something himself rather than just cut and paste.
  5. Thats assuming you can teach someone to trade stocks or that you can learn how to trade stocks profitably.

    EMT says you can't
  6. EMT states you can't beat the markets consistently. A crock of crap put out by a group of hacks that can't beat the market, and need a scapegoat to blame...those who can do...those who can't teach.

    I don't need to beat the markets to run a profitable trading business, and make alot of money.

  7. Your first post made you seem like your IQ was only slightly above the retarded I figured I'd spell it out for you.

    Take the first post, Read it again, then write it down, read it again, and keep reading it until you get it. There is true genius in that first post, and once you understand that, then you'll understand how some of us manage to smack the markets on a regular basis.
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    Tiger advertises Buicks.... what more needs be said?
  9. Hmmm... didn't appear to me that you did....
  10. Excellent post Cruzan!
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