How things have changed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Flashboy, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. I haven't been on here or posted in quite some time now.

    I remember I used to come here to look for the holy grail or advice on how to trade. I guess I've come a long way cause now the only advice I look for is to look inside myself and my charts..

    I know what I'm supposed to do.. but many of times I don't do it.. and I have to figure out why by looking inside my thoughts. So many times I see my setup forming for a buy but tell myself .. no you cant' take it here.. market looks too weak. only to see a nice trade pass me by.. instead of trading price action and leaving my opinions out of it.. very hard to do..

    Anyway. I'm not in any place to give advice.. and I'm not consistently profitable yet.. but I'm slightly profitable (if that makes any sense).... the only thing stopping me is myself.

    Nice to see a lot of the old names still on here..

    Good trading everyone.
  2. ...You've been registered here since 2003, and you're not yet a profitable have some persistence. :banghead:;)
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  3. sprstpd


    Everytime you don't execute a trade when you should have, just do some self-flagellation. Pretty soon you'll be taking all trades.
  4. RedDuke


    Know exactly what you mean. The solution is simple and complex - automation.
  5. SunTrader


    Can be automation - if left to do its work.

    But then the problem really is with the trader, not how they execute trades.