How they really are, the other gender.

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  1. Interesting read from of all sources CNBC. It takes a look at another society of how the way of the world is. I espeacially liked how

    “A lot of girls, encouraged by their parents, see marriage as a way of instantly changing their status without the hard work,” he said bitterly.


    I knew this along time age but most are in denial. Women don't want men they just want money. They are the more profitable species to have around for various reasons.

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    Dude, don't take it personally. Men and women have different mating strategies. If you want the bitches, you need the riches, and it doesn't matter a whole lot how you look. For women, they need to look nubile to attract a quality mate.
  3. 1) It's got to be possible to make a fortune by shipping "mail order" brides to China. :eek: :D
    2) I hope the Chinese municipalities are taxing the feces out of the owners of those empty apartments. :p
    3) Are Chinese women being "logical" in their pickyness or are they just money-grubbing whores? :confused:
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    Since when does love have anything to do with logic? We are driven by desires we do not understand because those desires provided a reproductive advantage to our ancestors.

    As for money grubbing whores, prostitution is the oldest profession and longest surviving business model for good reason.
  5. This is old news man!

    I realized that something like this was happening shortly after leaving college when the sexy english majors (or communications majors, or sociology majors, or art majors) got married to the rich business majors.

    It makes my blood boil to think that a pretty girl just does not have to work hard. All they do is look pretty and change their tampons. Then I kind of feel sorry for all the ugly girls in the world.

    Women judge men by their ability to survive and provide for them.
    Men judge women by the size of their breasts and shape of their ass.

    No disrespect, I'm just pointing out the obvious.
  6. "Women don't want men they just want money"

    This mindset will prevent one from ever having a healthy longterm relationship.

    "Men just want sex" right???

    There ARE good hot women out there that don't just want your money, they are rare, but they are out there. A good scenario is to be with the one that you loved before you became wealthy... then you know for sure, if you're insecure about it.

    Also, I would categorize two types of people. Those who are all about sex, materialistic things, lies, cheating looks, ect. (Houswives of orange country) lol

    Then there are those who are genuinly happy , trustworthy, honest, sincere and non materialistic. (warren buffet, bill , melinda gates)
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    Evolution and natural selection. :)
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    I'm shocked, shocked I tell you to find that women seek security (which usually translates into wealth) while men seek youth and beauty. I'm glad someone let me in on this stunning secret.