How the World Almost Came to an End, 9/18/08

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    who was withdrawing the $500 billion in that hour or two? that's what i want to know.
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  3. yeah....and had our fed not closed down the operation, who could've withrawn $5T from our system? obviously china.....
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    why china?

  6. no particular reason........who else could've? Europe was just as hellish those days.......... china or Japan, or both, had to be a major.
  7. That's right, there's all sorts of stupid sensationalist crap in these... I commented on this in a couple of threads that have since disappeared.

    Whoever looks at this as a giant conspiracy by the Chinese or whatever, has absolutely no idea of a) how the money markets work; b) what m-mkt funds do and how they operate; and c) what actually happened on and immediately before Sep 18, 2008.
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    The FED could have done it all

    all of it

    they could have done it from overseas even

    they are a capable bunch
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    MOD who moved this thread is a small minded individual

    small time loser

    probably Ivanovich
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