How the Western Civilization was originated?

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  1. I was in a middle of an argument about the merits of Hellenistic Western Civilization and how some of it was originated from Egypt. (or as some claim Africa :)
    There are some good points to the claim that;
    ** Almost all of the Pre-Socratic "Greek" philosophers were born OUTSIDE of Greece (mostly in Asia Minor).
    ** All of the Pre-Socratic "Greek" philosophers were persecuted by the Athenian State. They were either exiled, convicted, or killed for teaching FOREIGN IDEAS.
    ** Nearly all the "Greek" philosophers studied in Egypt or traveled to Egypt to glean knowledge from the Egyptian masters. (Verified by the classical historian Herotodus).
    ** Socrates himself was put to death for "introducing foreign divinities and corrupting the youth
    The Ancient Wisdom is a body of pure knowledge of God and creation that has existed for millenniums. It has been in existence since time began, long before the appearance of any of today’s major religions.
    Alexander the Great and his "descendents" the Ptolemy dynasty were Greeks but like Cleopatra VII Philopator who spoke Egyptian and was a priestess of Philae (Pilak in Egyptian).
    They (Greeks) have ruled Egypt for 200 hundred years!! From the time of In 332 BC Alexander III of Macedon conquered Egypt with little resistance from the Persians to the death of Cleopatra. The early Ptolemies did not disturb the religion or the customs of the Egyptians, and indeed built magnificent new temples for the Egyptian gods and soon adopted the outward display of the Pharaohs of old. Ptolemy I, perhaps with advice from Demetrius of Phalerum, founded the Museum and Library of Alexandria The Museum was a research centre supported by the king. It was located in the royal sector of the city. The scholars were housed in the same sector and funded by the Ptolemaic rulers. They had access to the Library. The chief librarian served also as the crown prince's tutor. For the first hundred and fifty years of its existence this library and research centre drew the top Greek scholars This was a key academic, literary and scientific centre.

    Essentially the Greek and Egyptians have had and studies the same Ancient Wisdom philosophy. Pythagoras had traveled to India and Egypt too and he was attacked as stolen the “Ancient Wisdom” from India as they had some property rights to that!
    The answer of the whole controversy is that whom did the Egyptians “stole” this body of knowledge? Did they invent it? I doubt it….from the survivors of Atlantis or from UFO's? Maybe....The reality is that the Ancient Wisdom is the property of no one; it is the invention of no one and the birthright of all mankind.