How the Rich think differently than the Middle Class

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    In summary: rich people are
    Better than poor people.
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  2. He cited Napoleon Hill, a serial business failure who lied about meeting Andrew Carnegie.
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    It´s more : Rich people are better at dealing with money than poor people, which does make sense
    It would take a lot of time to discuss the article point by point, one I definitely disagree with is the one about passion.
    It´s much easier to make money pursuing things one is passionate about, but many people follow paths they are passionate about despite those paths offering little in terms of monetary reward. It does create problems, once they realize it doesn´t pay enough to live on and they must work in a different career they have no interest in and which hardly pays better, or when they live off government subsidies and feel society owe them to pay more taxes in order to afford them their way of life. But one shouldn´t say they didn´t start following a path they were very enthusiastic about.
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    yea man after i did some research on Hill, "Think and Grow Rich" lost all credibility to me. No doubt the book has changed lives but i just couldn't get into it after that.
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    The pablum continues...
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    then go generate a more interesting thread instead of complain about this one.
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