How the Golden State Warriors Created the Blueprint of a Champion

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  2. The NBA sucks

    Unwatchable garbage.
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    Well, the Warriors are totally sucking this year, like they did last year.

    Watched games 1,2 and 5 so far this season, and holy smoke, they cannot hit the side of a barn on either 3-pointers or lay-ups. Even Steph Curry is failing! Da fuq? Was it really all about Durant and Thompson?
  4. Klay out and Dray was out to start the season putting a lot more work on Steph though he is still scoring above his career average. Wiseman was a good draft pick up and Wiggins is a decent wing player. However they are a lot thinner team than they were 3 years ago and the other teams in the West have gotten better.

    To compare this team to 3 years ago, they are playing without Durant, Thompson, Boogie, Iguodala, Livingston, Draymond (only played 1 game)...

    Big diffrence..they will still have trouble making the 8th seed since the rest of the league got so competitive but Steph alone cannot do much.... all great scorers need a team and since KD and Klay got hurt the team has never been at full strength or lost their starters.

    denver also started weak this year as did Wizards.. going to be a rough season until late January when every one at full strength.
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  5. Right on Cue Steph drops 62 points haha.....

    rest of team still drops off and no bench at all...
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    Yeah, like the Curry of old, some fire lit under his ass in the second half. Reminds me of the Chiefs last year post-season.

  7. he is still one of the best pure shooters in the game...but sadly his run is done with the team the way it is and the Lakers, Clippers, Houston, Denver, Utah, Mavs all improving so much over the past 3 years....

    Going to be another year before Klay can come back and for 2021-2022 season it is Steph, Klay and Wiseman and Wiggins and an older Dray with no bench.....